A recent Cigna survey revealed that nearly half of Americans always or sometimes feel alone (46%) or left out (47%). Fully 54% said they always or sometimes feel that no one knows them well. Nearly half of Britons over 65 consider the television or a pet their main source of company. We can change it and make people happier!

Problem: LONELINESS – In isolation, more than ever, this is a problem. The least human contact we need is someones voice. We need to talk to someone, but this might be impossible even if you have a family. You might not want to share your worries, they might not understand or you just don’t have no one u can trust.

Target: PRIVATE and CORPORATE loneliness. People living alone can only meet someone going to the food shop. They might not have no one to share their growing stress. Lonely elderly people need human contact even more. Also, corporate loneliness has grown with the trend of remote work and will now reach new heights.

Solution: INCOGNITO FRIENDSHIP platform to find someone with matching worldview to call and talk to. Incognito because it is safe – you will not know the identity nor the phone number of your new friend unless you both decide to reveal it. Fact is that it is much easier to share your loneliness and thoughts with a stranger then someone you know.

Benefit: A feeling of ,, I AM NOT ALONE!,,. Users from all over the world can find a fellow human with similar hobbies, work and views to life and likewise feeling as lonely as they do. Users will know who’s in the same mood and also wanting to talk even if it’s in the middle of the night! You both might be from the same city, but your new friend might as well be living in the forests of Siberia. It doesn’t matter since loneliness has no homeland, no race and you can not get away with money either!

The platform would have a simple search engine: location, languages, hobbies, work field, age, and what topics you are interested in. Maybe in style of Tinder – but mature and info focused. Users can search whom they would feel comfortable talking to, look for a mentor, discuss profession specific topics, exchange how their day went and how they feel. You can keep your ,,im here, call me!,, status when you feel like or be active 24/7. You can now expect calls and call someone knowing that person will be happy to listen to you. Not a text but a real human to talk to.

If you want to earn money from calls for example as a life coach or reading bedtime stories, business consulting etc. you can do that by setting your price per minute. What you earn will be shared 50/50 with the platform. Besides that, there will be a very affordable monthly fee for everyone after a free trial period.

The basic has to be simple and intuitive so elderly people could easily use it as well. But in the future there would also be more possibilities. Like meeting up in an virtual place and experience hanging out together - visiting virtual museums, libraries, a virtual beach or a gym or a bar etc. What ever we can figure out and find a cool thing to offer people!

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