Two years ago, I built as the first web-based privacy platform for Bitcoin (BCH). Now, I'm looking to broaden my Bitcoin knowledge and experience by leading a team that will build & deploy the first privacy solution(s) for Smart Bitcoin using Zero-knowledge Proofs.

Our team will integrate the very best features from CashShuffle and its successor CashFusion to create a brand-new, all-inclusive privacy solution for Smart Bitcoin.

NOTE: Although the contracts will be deployed to Mainnet, we strongly advise against depositing large amounts of assets during this initial development & testing period.

What it does

Our team has created a suite of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) smart contracts and accompanying UI for conducting private (aka "shielded) transactions on Smart Bitcoin.

Learn more about the platform at the following links:

We will use smart contracts and a decentralized network of relayers to securely & anonymously manage private Smart Bitcoin transactions.

How we built it

To meet the 48-hour time restraint set by this event, we will be borrowing (both code & ideas) from several fantastic FOSS privacy projects:

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

This was my experience with zero-knowledge proofs, specifically zkSNARKs. With the completion of this event, I'm looking forward to applying my new-found knowledge in both new and existing projects.

What's next for Incognito Cash

We're planning to secure funding for the next 2 phases of this protocol's development:

  1. SmartFusion — Non-fixed denomination transactions
  2. Nito Blender — (DeFi + GameFi) transaction relay + proxy network

Campaign #1: SmartFusion

Propose to integrate the TOP SmartBCH DeFi and GameFi platforms into the protocol.

  1. MistSwap
  2. TangoSwap
  3. Verse
  4. Oasis Marketplace
  5. Joystick Club

Campaign #2: Nito Blender

NOTE: This is technically a stretch goal of our primary funding campaign.

Propose to introduce a decentralized transaction relay and proxy network into Smart Bitcoin.

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