Our inspiration for building an application to mask resume is through the publication of Harvard's metrics on how they evaluate undergraduate applicants to their programs. This lead us down a rabbit hole to find other areas in today's society were racial and gender profiling occur. One of the most prevalent racial profiling areas today is in the hiring process. According to studies, it is said that African Americans who masked their race on their resumes received 25% more interview offers, in comparison to their original resumes with a 10% response rate. This lead us to creating an application that would blackout racial and gender specific information to create a neutral resume screening stage.

What it does

Incognito Jobs allows users to apply to job postings with confidence that they will not be racially profiled. We will automatically detect racial or gender specific information and then blackout this information. This allows for companies to have a more neutral resume screening stage of the hiring process.

How I built it

We built the identification and masking algorithm in Python and implemented a Flask framework to run our web application. If you want more information on how we built it feel free to look at our Github linked below.

Challenges I ran into

Most of our challenges were with connecting the front end of our web application to the python algorithm we built. Our team in general did not have much experience working with Flask or Django and experience with programming the backend. We definitely think in the future we will need to improve our strengths in this area.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of finishing the hackathon today and coming in the top 5 out of 84 teams.

What I learned

Learned alot about collaborating with new individuals and some areas we need to improve on.

What's next for Incognito

Building out the web application, adding in a more robust identification and masking algorithm. We will be working on adding support for all types of document file types. Then from here work on developing our back end to integrate this resume masking into our website.

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