Higher education scholarships in tech is very competitive so as the job market. When it comes to a diversity of scholarships in tech or even internships for women and diverse community such as LGBTQ+, struggles to go through the process of searching for their specific desire in particular tech sector. We, the Team Creative thought throughout the processes and gathered how we can help to accommodate this process optimised to these vast diverse communities.

What it does

We have followed the KISS idea keeping in mind of the diversity of the users in this application. We call it Inclusivity. The functionality and navigations are simple. User signs up with either their social media credentials or emails along with what they are looking for such as Scholarships, Internships, Fellowships and Jobs. Their desired opportunities will be there to select to browse or even apply where possible.

How we built it

Inclusivity is a webapp built on React.js, Material UI and Firebase tools such as Cloud Firestore and Firebase Auth. In this, a user can signup or login and can view all types of Internships, Fellowships, Internships and Placement Opportunities. We managed to collect the data with the help of a Web scrapper using Selenium and LinkedIn API. The webapp has all kind of opportunities which are open to all categories of genders to opportunities specific only to Women and LGBTQIA Community.

Challenges we ran into

In this short period of time and the challenging time of Covid, the team Creative has tried their best to accommodate time as we all are from different time zones(India, US & UK). It was very challenging as we all know how important it is to communication within a project. Even though it was challenging we were able to synchronise with our tasks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team Creative is very proud as we know we were developing an application that will help the diverse community we were focused and it is something to be very proud of. Also within 24 hours we made a scrapper that would scrap important websites for us and update the firebase on it's own.

What we learned

Team Creative is from various background, Debabrata and Pritish were the superman behind the tech stack where Bappy and Safia was behind Analysis and requirement gathering. The agility in the team and with the project was excellent as everyone in the team was super collaborative. Given the current scenario we all have learned a lot from this event. The workshops were very informative. Estee Lauder and Bloomberg workshops were extremely interesting and we all have learned a lot also had a lot of fun.

What's next for Inclusivity

Team Creative has lined up a business model for this web application according to market research for diverse communities. We want to extend the applications features and add more functionalities such as add NGOs for their offers and opportunities for these specific community.

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