To get people to use gender neutral language and support communities that welcome all people, without using language that might exclude some.

What it does

Acts as a reference tool and place for people to submit alternative phrases in their native language.

How we built it

Built using a static HTML site on GitHub Pages.

Challenges we ran into

The jquery slider library did not want to work at one point, badly fixed this by forcing with !important tag in the CSS (bad practice, don't do it kids!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first web page that Amy has built without using a template! She is super happy to have done something from scratch and actually understands now a little more about the workings of JavaScript thanks to Bil from MLH! <3

What we learned

How to include JavaScript and use the slick slider jquery library, how to build CSS from scratch, how to say hi everyone in many languages!

What's next for

Let people submit phrases to it through pull requests. Ask people to contribute or make suggestions for additional settings or challenges for inclusive language.

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