**How we came up with the idea: Our original idea is to build up a game controller to help people with disability to play games, but eventually, we narrowed down our target audience to people with Parkinson's to increase their efficiency while typing so that they will not be frustrated when they miss a keyboard.

**Target audience: People with Parkinson's disease who are frustrated about not being able to type correctly

**Usability: The goal of the project is to prototype a new interface for keyboards for people who are differently abled. Those without fine motor control or some degree of arm amputation find the small keys of a keyboard difficult to use, but with our design the keys are large and easily accessible.

**The process of making it: (1)Brainstorming ideas (2)Design We eventually decided to pick the Pentagon because firstly it's simple and stable, and every side of the Pentagon can cover the alphabet, numbers, and important punctuations such as commas and stops.

**Our technology: Arduino with a breadboard 3D Design to sketch our model Laser cutting C++

**Further improvements and applications: (1) more buttons (each panel won't require so much clicking) (2) more options (special characters and Bluetooth) (3) Personalize our project Depending on the type of disability and for people with different aesthetic values

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