In the beginning, we tried to find a solution that help people with special needs to be included in society, we had so many ideas, but we notice that we don't really understand their needs, and we don't know if our ideas can REALLY help them, so we though why not start by creating a platform that can help people understand them more by trying there daily struggles and sharing stories with them.

What it does

Our platform's main goal is to help people feel the daily struggles of a person with special needs through challenges that get people out of their confort-zone with fun and meaningful activities and some really interesting meetups that could contain group challenges or simply some deeply interesting discussions. All this is to make people aware of the real life struggle of these people in a patient and certain way.

How I built it

we built a web site the front-end is built with html5, css3 , js and jquery. and the back-end is built with php

Challenges I ran into

The major problem was to develop our idea tin order to be appropriate to everyone and to make it simple and efficient. The second challenge was how to encourage people to join and try out platform in the first place. Finally, we are all a team of amateur coders so it's normal that we run to some trouble implementing the idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of what we build so far knowing that we don't really have background in web development and still we manage to create an amazing website also we are proud of the idea itself since it doesn't just treat the problem briefly but it tries to solve it in a long term vision by changing peoples point of views and mentality towards special needs people.

What I learned

What's next for includeUS

We still want to make inhancements in the front-end to make it more user friendly , but our bigest intrest is to develop the meet ups section because we think it has a big potetienl to be a real life platform for physicaly disabeled people to not only meet some wonderful individuals but also to talk about what ever bothers them in sociaty which can really have a positive effect on both sides.

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