Social exclusion is a major global issue in today's world. There have been several movements and organizations aimed at bringing about social inclusion but they didn't receive the support they deserved mainly because of the lack of a credible medium to provide financial support to these movements. In every country, some groups of people often confront barriers which prevent them from fully participating in political, economic, and social life. These groups may be excluded not only through legal systems, land and labor markets, but also discriminatory or stigmatizing attitudes, beliefs, or perceptions. Disadvantage is often based on social identity, which may be derived from gender, age, location, occupation, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenship status, disability, and sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), among other factors. Exclusion robs individuals of dignity, security, and the opportunity to lead a better life. Social inclusion is a process which ensures that those at risk of poverty and social exclusion gain the opportunities and resources necessary to participate fully in economic, social, political and cultural life and to enjoy a standard of living that is considered normal in the society in which they live. It ensures that they have greater participation in decision making which affects their lives and access to their fundamental rights. Even though there are multitudes of non-profit organizations, movements and platforms striving for social inclusion, most people are vary of supporting them due to lack of trust and hard-to-see impact.. They are also vulnerable to vested interests and manipulation and also lack transparency. We also do have a lot of financial support platforms for individuals but they lack in inclusivity and there are chances of people getting discriminated based on aspects of their personal life like ethnicity, gender, religion etc. This ends up in cases were most people do not get the support they deserve.

What it does

The project mainly has three features:

1)Provides the users a credible and reliable platform to support non profit organizations/movements which are keen to facilitate social inclusion.

2)It provides a financial support platform for individuals which is blockchain based so it has direct payments in cryptocurrency, low transaction fees etc.

3)People can support each other without the bounds of race, ethnicity, religion etc.

IncludeAll provides a decentralized platform which can streamline donations to non-profit organizations/movements that strive for social-inclusion. It is a Blockchain-based platform and provides greater transparency and is also immutable in nature. Donations can be done in crypto-currency (Ether) to the respective organizations/movements and ensures direct and credible payments, avoiding the need for intermediaries. The platform also enables individuals to make requests for financial support and receive contributions from the fellow users. The platform-records are non-tamperable and hence immune to vested interests. Thus, IncludeAll provides an inclusive and efficient support forum for the society where people can help each other irrespective of their personal backgrounds, thereby facilitating social inclusion. We truly believe that IncludeAll would be a significant leap towards social inclusivity.

How we built it

We built the front-end of the application using ReactJS, Bootstrap and Material-UI. The application is Ethereum-based and the smart contract is written in Solidity. We used the web3 JS library to integrate the front-end and the smart contract. We made use of Truffle and Ganache to run and test the DApp and also used Metamask as the Ethereum wallet.

Challenges we ran into

1) Virtual collaboration was a major challenge that we had faced and we had to find time to meet up and work together.

2) There were also instances of merge conflicts which we resolved after some amount of deliberation.

3) We lacked familiarity with web3JS and faced some difficulty in using it at certain instances.

4) Front-end development was also a bit of a tough task for us, which we overcame after going through some resources and tutorials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud that we could complete and submit a functional project for the hackathon within the limited time-frame. We also take pride in having been able to build a project to expedite a genuine cause like social inclusion. Collectively, we were able to understand the need for such a platform and are super glad in having been able to implement it as we had intended.

What we learned

Our team ranged from experienced Blockchain-developers to first time developers. So most of us had a great learning experience. We learned to develop smart contract using solidity and make use of truffle compiler. We also learned some front end development using material ui and bootstrap.

What's next for #includeAll

We would like to create a give-back system which shall encourage frequent contributors. We also plan improve on the user experience of the DApp so that it becomes more accessible for the wider audience.

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