Exploratory is all about making it easier for children to feel inspired to get a STEM education. Now, we want to make sure that it is easy for Exploratory to sustain their platform. We know that in International Development simplicity should be at the forefront of any technology. So, this is what we kept in mind all throughout the development of our portal. We wanted to create a system that would make sense to the teachers using our platform.

What it does

InClass is a portal that consolidates the registration and attendance of students all in one place. It has a picture based calendar to take attendance and an easy to use registration system that will update all information and store them safely in a database.

How we built it

We started with front end development to ensure that everything look friendly and easy to use, while ensuring that it was feasible in terms of back end.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to include a Google survey that would keep track of student’s performance. Ideally teachers would open it and answer questions about the student’s performance after every class. However, we did not see a clear way to communicate the information in-between the Google Form and our portal. We overcame this challenge by replacing the Google Form with a student log that would not have to be updated after every class, but as the teachers see fit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are a very diverse group and we managed to communicate clearly and achieve what we set out to. One of our members just learned to code in HTML in one night.

What we learned

We learned to adapt to stressful situations.

What's next for InClass

Next, we are looking forward to working with Exploratory to test our portal and ensure adaptability.

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