We get day to day issue via emails faced by client on application built by project teams. Most of the times we have to follow up with them back to back to get additional information, screenshots etc. This results into losing monitoring instance and hence increasing the time of analyzing the issue.

To come out of this situation we decided to have a portal for clients to directly log in the issues along with available screenshots. This will help us to capture most of the information at one shot.

We will be building interface to capture issue ticket details and track via records and reports. This page will refresh based on research status and once the root cause is found this issue ticket will get resolved here. There will be one communication channel as well which will allow users sitting at different places to enter into live chat. Emails will be sent out to specific application team whenever an instance is logged.

Challenges we faced was with the interface where we had to come up with a simple yet robust form so that clients do not need to spend a long time filling it out. For future enhancement, the other challenge could be to think about integration with tracking tools such as Jira or Service Now.

Our idea in itself is an accomplishment since it will resolve the time consuming manual cycle of issue tracking by making it system driven. Another advantage is not to go through long email chains where information might get lost which will now be preserved in our system database. One form and that will provide almost all required information to reduce the resolution time. This will be a benefit for both client and providers.

We got learn about the latest Appian features which enhanced our application.

Next for Incident Tracking System is to integrate with Jira/ Service Now in order to create tickets automatically once the incident is created. We will also be adding some more fields in order to capture all required data to be captured in Jira ticket or Service Now incident. We will also be building a process to send out alerts for SLAs based on issue priority which is captured in the application.

Built With

  • appian
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