The cybersecurity challenge and the opportunity to develop a playbook to solve the problem and be part of the success.

What it does

Helps the incident response teams to automate repetitive tasks of indicator extraction, enrichment , conditional checks and automated response actions based on the results.

How I built it

I used XSOAR hackathon instance and the API integrations

Challenges I ran into

Access to RiskIQ Passivetotal API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successful run of the Playbook :)

What I learned

How to use XSOAR to automate repetitive tasks

What's next for Incident Response Pack

A lot of enhancements that I wasn't able to accomplish during the hackathon duration. I will follow up.

Built With

  • googlechronicle
  • ibmqradar
  • playbook
  • python
  • riskiqpassivetotal
  • scripts
  • sendemail
  • xsoar
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