Changing bad habits can be a bit challenging for some people. As a group, we wanted to create an app that creates a fun, yet a motivating way for people to get used to doing good habits, such as going to the gym, being productive with school, sleeping 8 hours per night, etc.

What it does

inCheck is an app that makes a game out of performing good activities daily. In this app, users are able to compete with their friends in order to change their bad habits into good ones. This app is separated into 6 categories such as exercise, health, productivity, education, social, and mood as an example. Users gain experience points (EXP) in order to level up in each of the categories and share their achievements with their peers. With such friendly competitions, bad habits will be turned into good habits in no time!

How we built it

Building inCheck required us to split up our task between the backend and the frontend. In the frontend, we used Ionic to design the UI for this app. In the backend, we implemented some of its functionalities with the use of C++ programming language in Xcode.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges that we ran into were looking for ways to build this app's front-end design as well as designing the backend of it. We tried to program this app in Swift, but unfortunately, we weren't experienced enough in iOS development, and as a result, we weren't able to push it out in time. We ended up using C++ to program its functionalities as the demo because we were most comfortable with that programming language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were in disbelief that we could possibly create an app that would function properly in under 36 hours, excluding times of workshops that we want to attend, sleep, and eat. Since Hack Merced was both our first hackathon, we are proud that we were able to accomplish what we have in a short amount of time.

What we learned

Making a simple app does not mean that the work is SIMPLE. There is a lot to it than meets the eye.

What's next for inCheck

We are most likely going to try to learn Swift and actually create this app in the proper coding language for iOS.

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