Fact: There are two kinds of people in the world. Morning people and normal people!

On behalf of normal people everywhere we’ve built IncentivRise; The Alarm Clock that frightens you out of bed with the threat of professional, social, or financial ruin.

Currently, you’re able to choose from either an embarrassing email sent to your Boss, an SMS sent to a mate asking for top-cover, courtesy of Trillo, or a big charitable donation, but we have plans for many additional incentives.

Right now it’s web-based and works alongside your phone’s built-in alarm. In another 24 hours we’d have it in a native App; integrating audio and text notifications.

We’ve already identified a number of monetisation opportunities, amongst them expanding the ecosystem of incentives and integrating eCommerce features such as automated bets through William Hill and purchasing random items from Amazon.

We hope everybody enjoys using IncentivRise. Where every day starts with avoiding disaster!

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