Freedom of information is wonderful, but it also poses a challenge. It makes it easy for echo chambers to be created, and can easily increase polarisation in our society. We would like to develop incentives for a better, more civilized, social environment.

What it does

You can either post or comment under a post. Our incentive system requires users to stake every time they make a post or a comment. Users can upvote posts for free. Downvoting, however, require staking. If within a given period of time the net votes for a post is negative, the original poster loses their stake and has accumulated extra debt proportional to the amount of downvotes. These funds are forwarded to the downvoters, who receive their stake and interest.

This incentivises users to only post when they are sure they will not be caught by others which have incentives to 'hunt' down posts. Of one were to downvote arbitrary posts they would only lose their stake if most of these posts aren't mainly downvoted by others too, deincentivising them from irresponsibly downvoting.

How I built it

Solidity as a backend and a gatsby-powered React frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Spent way too long trying to use dapphero for what it wasn't meant for :D

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The contract works perfectly. The frontend, however, doesn't demonstrate most of the functionality. We're proud that it even shows anything given the humongous amount of troubleshooting we had with it.

What I learned

Do not risk with too many new technologies at once :D

What's next for Incentivised Civility

Sleep. Please. Oh wait I've got uni deadlines nvm.

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