Inboxio - File Saving and Compression Website

Inboxio is a file saving website that compresses your files and stores them with the best quality possible. It provides an easy and efficient way to upload and store your files while reducing their size without compromising their quality. This README file provides an overview of Inboxio and guides you on how to get started.

To run it you need: Django module and gzip.


  • File Compression: Inboxio utilizes advanced compression algorithms to reduce the size of your files while maintaining their quality.
  • Easy File Upload: Upload your files to Inboxio through a user-friendly interface.
  • Secure Storage: Inboxio ensures the security and privacy of your files by storing them in a safe and secure environment.
  • High-Quality Storage: Your files are stored with the best possible quality to ensure their integrity.
  • Download and Retrieval: Easily download and retrieve your compressed files whenever you need them.

Getting Started

To use Inboxio, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on the Inboxio website by providing the required information.
  2. Log In: Once you have created an account, log in to Inboxio using your credentials.
  3. Upload Files: Use the intuitive interface to upload your files to Inboxio.
  4. File Compression: Inboxio will automatically compress your files while striving to maintain the highest quality possible.
  5. Secure Storage: Your compressed files will be securely stored on Inboxio's servers.
  6. Download Files: Whenever you need your compressed files, log in to Inboxio and download them.
  7. File Management: Manage your files easily through the Inboxio dashboard, including organizing and deleting files.


We welcome contributions to improve Inboxio! If you have any bug reports, feature requests, or would like to submit code enhancements, please refer to the contribution guidelines in the repository.

Future Plans

  • Enhanced Compression Algorithms: Continuously improve and optimize the compression algorithms used by Inboxio to achieve even better file size reduction while maintaining high quality.

  • Expanded File Format Support: Expand the range of supported file formats to accommodate a wider variety of file types, including specialized formats used in different industries.

  • Collaboration and Sharing: Implement collaboration features that allow users to share and collaborate on compressed files with others, enabling seamless teamwork and file collaboration.

  • Advanced File Management: Introduce advanced file management capabilities such as file versioning, metadata management, and search functionality to enhance the overall file organization and retrieval process.

  • Integration with Cloud Storage: Enable integration with popular cloud storage platforms, allowing users to directly compress and store files from their cloud storage accounts, providing seamless access and synchronization.

  • Mobile Applications: Develop dedicated mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, providing a convenient and optimized experience for users to access and manage their compressed files on the go.

  • API and Developer Tools: Create an API and developer tools to allow third-party integrations, custom applications, and automation workflows to leverage Inboxio's file compression and storage capabilities.

  • Performance and Scalability: Continually optimize the performance and scalability of Inboxio to handle increasing user demands and ensure a smooth and responsive user experience, even with large file volumes.

  • User Feedback and Iterative Improvements: Gather user feedback and continuously iterate on the Inboxio platform, incorporating user suggestions and addressing any issues or pain points to enhance the overall user experience.

These are just some of the future plans for Inboxio. We are committed to evolving and improving the service based on user needs and technological advancements in file compression and storage. Stay tuned for exciting updates and new features!

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