There is too much junk mail in our email inbox. It is impractical to get rid of this junk manually when you can spend that wasted time on being productive. We want to create a product that will help people win this fight.

What it does

InboxBeBetter is a Gmail extension that allows a user to unsubscribe from mailing lists without having to arduously sift through their emails.

How we built it

It all started with the initial idea of what problem we wanted to solve and we used online resources to figure out how to achieve this goal. We started with a Google Apps Scripts tutorial and went from there. The product will be a Gmail extension that is downloaded from the Google marketplace. We are building this with JavaScript/HTML/CSS and the built-in Apps scripts libraries provided by Google.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge to us was that we did not know anything about Google Apps Script development until beginning this project. After learning the basics of Google Apps Script development, we were unable to efficiently parse the email messages to obtain the data we wanted. This forced us to conduct a full re-design of the UI and the logic of our product. Since Google's built-in parser did not work with the incomplete HTML of an email body, we had to figure out a different way to parse the email body. We ended having to clean and correct the HTML before sending it through the main parser, which ultimately allowed an efficient method to obtain important data for our product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to find spam emails and programmatically unsubscribe from them. We are creating a functional and useful application with technology that we have hardly known for a day.

What we learned

We learned the basics of Google Apps Script development. We continued our education on collaborative work and use of version control software. We learned the basics of UI development in the context of an Google Apps Script project. We are learning the basics of pitching our ideas and presenting a product we created.

What's next for InboxBeBetter

We want to finish our product and have it on the Google marketplace so people can start to reclaim their inbox!

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