"Meet me halfway, right at the borderline is where I'm going to wait for you" -The Black Eyed Peas

Meeting up with your friends is easier than ever with InBetween !

InBetween is a web application that helps you find recommended points of interest that are halfway between you and your friend! Simply enter your address, your friend's address, and what you're looking to find, and our algorithm efficiently calculates the best places that are halfway between you and your friend!

LA Hacks Team Members: Ngan Luong, Justin Lonh, Marawin Chheang, Duyen Vu, Duy Vu

Our team wrote this application using Python under the Django framework to handle the back end, alongside HTML and javascript to help handle the front end. The FourSquare API was used to find place recommendations, and Google Cloud Platform's Maps API and App Engine were used to manage our maps and host our application online.

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