Frustrated by having to look through multiple stores when trying to find a specific item last minute? Just moved into your new house and can't wait to order a new pillow from Amazon? Hopefully we can solve these problems for you.

What it does

Just search for any item at IN.VN, specific such as 'Quench Blue Plastic Water Bottle' or non-specific such as 'ceramic kitchen knife' and we'll highlight the nearest stores nearby that currently stock that item. You can click once to reserve it and pick it up at your own convenience, or click to order and get it delivered ASAP by postmates.

How we built it

Backend database and custom API is built using Django in Python and uses the Google Maps API for geolocation data. We're simulating the postmates API for the delivery mockup and then basic web tech for the front end.

Challenges we ran into

Team work distribution becomes a problem when trying to ideate quickly and work at speed.

What's next for IN.VN

We wish to continue fleshing out the product until a truly useful MVP exists, at which point we'll be requesting further feedback from potential users before continuing further.

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