Fate, Destiny...

Have you ever spent so long choosing a show to watch that by the time you make up your mind you are too tired to watch? For these seemingly easy problems that actually end up taking lots of brain cycles we have created In the Stars.

Simply hop onto our website and ask your question to the stars! The website will extract a handful of plausible answers to your prompt and using live data from the Long Wavelength Array (LWA) choose which answer to give you!

So What is in Those Stars?

Using the pre-trained GPT-3 AI we are able to extract possible answers to your critically important questions. A carefully crafted primer consisting of a few examples is submitted along with your dilemma. GPT-3 kindly predicts a few ground breaking solutions to your paradox based on its wealth of knowledge training data.

At this point only a miracle from the stars can pinpoint exactly which of the baker's dozen of solutions will relieve your existential dread. Lucky, that is exactly what we get! A live view of radio emissions from distant stars is provided by the LWA telescope. This data is then hashed to choose which answer to return to you, thus gently nudging your life's trajectory with the will of the universe.

Those o so Shinny Stars

To contribute to the overall ~vibe~ we rendered over ten thousand stars. To put that in context, a chicken would not be able to count the number of digits in ten thousand on one foot (I digress). In addition, some of the stars were connected to draw out constellations flying by the screen and thus completing the "astronaut on LSD" experience.

OK Take Me to These Stars

We would have loved to share the live website with everyone but sadly when I asked the stars they told me not to do it, and I know better than to toy with the stars...

All jokes aside, openai needs to individually review new projects before allowing them to go live (under penalty of loosing access to GPT-3). Do not fret, as soon as we get permission we will update y'all with the link!

(for the really excited ones sitting at the front of the class http://inthestars.tech/ is the website not connected to GPT-3 so the predictions will be nonsensical unless you ask yes or no questions. Feel free to click around)

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