💡 Inspiration 💡

We were inspired by the classical music track, so we wanted to create a project that honored one of our favorite classical composers, Antonio Vivaldi. Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" is one of his most iconic pieces, so we decided to create a project that used a seasonal theme.

As musicians ourselves, we also wanted to design our application to tackle real challenges that musicians face when practicing their instruments. Accordingly, our goal with In Season is to improve a musician's practice productivity, while playing tribute to Vivaldi!

⚙️ What it does ⚙️

In Season allows the user to register an account and log in under that account every time you practice. Once logged in, you can access your practice page. The practice page includes different tools to aid you with your practice:

  • A posture checker, for gradually improving posture
  • A timer, for keeping track of practice times
  • A virtual piano, for seamless tuning
  • A note taker, for keeping track of practice goals

All of these features are super simple for the user and are easy to navigate. Because of this, the user can have the maximum practice efficiency with the minimum amount of stress.

In Season stands out from traditional music apps because of this wide variety of features. Moreover, In Season’s timer includes a tree that changes its foliage every quarter of an hour. This acts as an unconventional visual progress tracker while staying true to the Vivaldi theme.

🛠️ How we built it 🛠️

We built the front-end with vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Artwork for the trees was made from Scratch using vector art tools. The posture checker is powered by Google’s teachable machine and Tensorflow.js. The backend is powered by Django.

😣 Challenges we ran into 😣

We ran into a ton of challenges on our path to completion. One huge issue for us was communication. One of our teammates was experiencing bad weather for most of the hackathon, thus had trouble communicating with the rest of us. Another teammate lived across the globe from all of us, and time zone problems were an issue as well.

As for code, we had a little bit of trouble with connecting the frontend to the backend. A bug prevented the CSS files from being rendered so we overcame this by using internal CSS on our HTML files.

🎉 Accomplishments that we're proud of 🎉

We are proud of building a fully functioning application in just under two days!

We feel like In Season successfully reached our goals of making practice easier for musicians and incorporating “The Four Seasons” into our project. We’re happy with our overall UI as well, and we think that our concept is very distinct from pre-existing solutions and very fitting within the theme of classical music.

📚 What we learned 📚

We learned a lot about using JavaScript functions with DOM. As our project was primarily engineered with a focus on front end development, our back end developers also learned how to use the HTML/CSS/JS stack.

With our notes feature, we also discovered how to use local storage in order to save the user's notes as new entries were recorded.

⏭️ What's next for In Season ⏭️

The next "season" of In Season will include more customization features, so users can style their UI between spring, summer, fall, and winter themes.

We also want to continue developing our account feature so users' unique practice data can be saved and revisited later on.

"Practicing is always In Season!"

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