Using the app

Operations data

Expand Operations menu (left sidebar) and manage Operations and Operators data from there. Just fill the form and hit Enter key or click the tick button.

Adding Work Orders

  • Click Work-in-Progress menu (left sidebar)
  • Click Active Work Orders menu option
  • Click Add New to add a new Work Order to the system
  • Use the editor to fill the Work Order details
  • Please note that the most important fields for scheduling are: Name, Operators and Operations

Scheduling Work Orders

This process uses the previously entered data (Operations, Operators and Work Orders) to schedule them distributing the Operations to Operators.

An important factor here is the possibility to limit the scheduling horizon. You can enter a numeric value expressed in operations duration (using minutes) in the Scheduling horizon text box.

  • Click Work-in-Progress menu (left sidebar)
  • Click Schedule menu option
  • Turn on the Work Order's check-box to include it in the scheduling
  • Click the Publish button to publish the schedule to GE Brilliant Manufacturing

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