Reducing the trouble of menial tasks int the flight while making the flight experience a much better journey.

What it does

The application allows you to do several small and simple tasks with ease on a flight. For example, you can easily order anything on the menu from the application without having to wait for the air hostess to bring over the food carts. Not only does this save time from the consumer point of view, but air hostesses too can get a break on a long flight. We also added functionality for passengers to view VR Google Earth tours of some popular destinations that they are visiting. This allows passengers to get a better feel for the place they are about to visit. Another feature included in the application is integrated with Google Assistant to both allow for easier interaction with app for basic needs like - "Can I use the restroom now or is it occupied?", "Order a Sprite", etc.

How we built it

We build the solution as an IOS application using Xcode. The back-end of the application was created using the Flask framework in Python and deployed to App Engine on Google Cloud Platform

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges trying to embed Google Earth Tours on the IOS application mainly because of unsupported platform, but we were able to embed a youtube video instead to help provide the same VR experience from the app.

What's next for In-Flight Wizard

Next we want Google assistant in the app (rather than a different app). Oculus, cardboard support.

Built With

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