We love long-form podcasts, but searching for various segments within an episode is very difficult and cumbersome. Want to listen to the segment where Elon Musk smoked weed on the Joe Rogan podcast? Good luck finding it in a 2h40min long episode. With state of the art AI techniques we will solve this challenge.

What it does

Allow the podcast listener to use a natural language search to find segments within an episode which are of interest to him.

UX/ Frontend WANTED! :)

Want to join our team? We are looking for UX/Frontend developers with experience in Python-based frontend development. Our plan was to build a simple UI with dash, but if you have a better idea (and the skills) then we're happy to change that :)

Still to come

  • How I built it
  • Challenges I ran into
  • Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  • What I learned
  • What's next for AI-Search for spoken audio

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