• One of our company core values is to delight the customer. We want to provide the best experience for our customers when we are supporting them through JSM.
  • For a start, we have many channels that help us to collect feedback. However, they are scattered all over the place, moreover hard to be accessed by our support user.
  • If we can provide our support users with more context, such as feedback of the customer they have previously given. We can empower our support users to be more empathize to support our customers based on the feedback they have previously given.

What it does

  • This project aims to provide more context for support users by collecting external feedback, sort according to the ticket preference or matching field, and displaying them within JSM tickets.

How we built it

  • This application is developed purely with Atlassian Forge framework, UI Kit. forge tunnel works like a charm. Is fast and responsive.
  • We leverage the web trigger (currently in beta) which is the key component for this application to submit the feedback into the application. Otherwise, we would need to depend on external tools to manage those data, and introduce additional security risks.
  • We built an example page to demonstrate the functionality.
  • We also have an Atlaskit component that can be integrated with other apps to streamline the experience when the customer is providing us some feedback.

Challenges we ran into

  • Working with UIKit lacks control in customizing the looks and feel of the apps. We decided to build make the app functional over nice looking UI.
  • Web trigger did not provide us with enough information to implement CORS control. Still, we decided to go ahead with the implementation to check against the referral as a temporary workaround.
  • Other than that, implementing with Forge is straightforward and easy to work with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We manage to convert our hack week project to Forge for this submission.
  • The application is consistent and stable.
  • Feedback from our support user is positive.

What we learned

  • Learning and using the Atlassian Forge framework was fun.
  • We should invest more time to spike on UIKit. The functionality is quite limited, even for simple styling up the components.

What's next for In-app Feedback

  • Add test
  • Admin page to list all feedbacks.
  • Summary or Report of the feedback for the Admin.
  • Re-implement frontend using CustomUI for better UI/UX.

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