Undertale + Untitled Goose Game

Undertale has this weird top-side view gameplay that I wanted to use. Untitled Goose Game gives you tasks that you can complete.

What it does

You go around the classroom completing 3 tasks (randomly assigned).

Challenges I ran into

Organization. Scratch doesn't give you any ways to group the code besides custom blocks, but that doesn't really help in terms of keeping everything neat and tidy. You can of course use the "clean up" option but that only makes it longer and harder to scroll through.

Collision. Like my previous game on the other Futurehacks competition, Scratch doesn't allow you to have collision. I didn't bother with making it, since last time it was a huge pain to implement, and it isn't consistent.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making the "submit yesterday's homework" task. It isn't much, just a "go to mouse cursor" put on repeat until it got to the upload button, but it looks great and I'm proud of it.

What I learned

ORGANIZE THE CODE. I had sift through some of the code because it wasn't organized at all. I later organized the code a bit, hence why it seems a little bit less messed up.

What's next for Tasks

Might give it collision, or add more tasks (currently only 6).

Built With

  • scratch
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