One time I had this great idea. I was going to email a quick note to myself and mark it as unread so I could read it the next day and properly add it to Evernote. After getting to my email, tapping compose, selecting which account to send it from, and typing my own email address in…I forgot the idea.

The next night I had an even better idea (I think). I was in bed and wanted to note it quickly so I could write a full description of all my thoughts the next morning. I opened note/to-do app “X” but by the time I worked my way through all the steps to log my idea, I forgot it.

It’s ok though, because I have tons of ideas. I have lot’s of thoughts I want to note quickly, emails I want to remember to send but not right now, and links I want to save for later.

That is why I use In and Note, because I want to get my idea down and be in and out. I want a list that tells me what things I have open that I need to get to at some point. Not pressure to get things done by this deadline or this time, just things I will get to soon. I’m not organized every second of everyday, my unread emails build up too. But I get to everything eventually. Like those ideas I forgot or an article I want to eventually read.

And when I am ready to do so I can count on In and Note to tell me what they are. It’s fast and it's simple.

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