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What if you could take your IMVU avatar into the real world - have it hang out, literally, “in your hands.” What if you could take Instagram videos and photos (because it happened!) and share it to your IMVU feed?

(Also, I needed live Instagram effects for another project.)

What it does

It’s a reality Photo Booth for your IMVU avatar.

IMVU PhotoReal lets you place your IMVU avatar in 3D augmented reality on any surface - you can then select from classic Instagram effects and poses to make your photo super awesome to post to your IMVU feed!

How to use

Place your avatar on any surface. Try to find one that’s noisy, then place your phone parallel to the surface. If the AReality3D meter shows green - it’s an excellent surface to augment on!

Select the outfit you want from the camera roll. Drag-slide along the film to scroll through all of your outfits. Don’t want to see your outfits? Touch the film roll canister to toggle the film in and out. (Outfit photo inverts when selected!)

Touch on the surface plane to move your avatar there.

Strike a pose. Turn on some Instagram effects. Take a photo and share to feed!

Buttons on the top: Left - rotate 90 degrees (did you place your avatar on a wall?) Right - find a new surface to put your avatar on

Buttons on the bottom portion:

  • Instagram effects
  • Camera button: post to feed!
  • Poses

Oh, Pose freebies:

  • And your avatar can drink! (Random drink generator c/o HoloYummy)
  • And your avatar can play piano, too! (Audio on - a random piano piece plays each time you select “Play Piano”.)

How I built it

  • Rapidly prototyped using RealityScript, a language I designed for hacks like this. - AR via AReality3D SLAM
  • Cross-platform compile via Unity 5.2.1f03
  • mobile-optimized realtime Instagram effects using LUT hack

Why did I build this?

I’ve always wanted to take my avatar out with me everywhere as my pocket pet - and take Instagram photos (and videos)! This is one of few AR apps I’ve built that I find myself totally obsessed with! <333

No, seriously, how much cooler and more narcissistic can you get! XD!!

Disclaimer: I’m a former Second Life millionaire (and created a fashion empire and became a philanthropist, etc. Re: Years in Narnia)

What's next for IMVU PhotoReal

It’s pretty polished already… I plan to add in-app payments and deploy to the App Store. :) Maybe this will make me an App Store millionaire ;)

Known Bugs with current build

  • Mixamo Unity animations + IMVU avatar leads to some odd twisted body parts - left knee etc
  • Currently only tested with iPhone 6S


Built With

  • areality3d
  • imvu
  • mixamo
  • opencv
  • opengl-es-3
  • realityscript
  • unity
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