Chatbots the next APPS?

Well, Chatbots was the tech trend of 2016, and for sure will be in the next years. Businesses start thinking on how to integrate Chatbots and how they can help to interact, engage and increase retention with their users.

The team decided to integrate two different services, from one side Alexa service from Amazon and the other Skype with a Chatbot.

We worked 24 hours: integrated Alexa service with Skype, where we came up with the concept of a Chatbot reminder, wrote the code, and designed a landing page. The result is a working demo using Alexa Echo or Alexa online and the Skype bot framework.

The more companies want to approach voice assistants integrating them with chatbots in Skype, the more possibilities for Skype users to start using and creating productivity chatbots in the Skype platform.

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