The local search experiences on mobile today suck. They totally kill the basic serendipity aspect of how we do things.

You are walking along a street. You see a new small coffee place and you start craving coffee. But wait, the place could be legendary or horrible. You pull out your phone, go to yelp/google/yadayada, type in something and then locate this place thats right in front of your eyes on a map. Read reviews and then decide.. Tired already?

We are here to help. We combine all the goodness of a smartphone with the power of the Intelligent headset, to provide you instant context aware search.

We detect where your head is looking at with motion sensors , and pair with it GPS and determine you are eying this coffee shop. Speak out reviews about the place. And if reviews are bad, suggest other great coffee places nearby. (You ultimately want coffee right).

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