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The fact traditional travel guide books are still bought by people who are otherwise keen to use smartphone technology is an oddity. The last thing you want to carry around is an expensive and unwieldy brick of paper - that requires the navigation skills of a mediaeval pirate and is not in any way tailored towards your needs. If you travel many places, you would have to take an entire library!

One would think that there would be dozens of highly successful mobile apps capitalising on those disadvantages. Yet, all apps that have the ambition to replace physical travel guides have critical failures. Generally, there are two types of sightseeing assistance apps: maps and augmented reality. They fail to truly enhance sightseeing, because they are:

  1. merely maps
  2. attention drains
  3. effort-heavy
  4. mundane

In a typical app-assisted sightseeing session watching (1) the GPS navigation arrow (2) will have your entire attention hijacked or (3) tire you with overwhelming choice. Or, in the case of AR, they trick you into constantly staring at the screen. And all that in a rather dull and (4) dispirited way.

We let this technology take us hostage and remove seeing sights from app-guided sightseeing. We are all aware about how smartphones ruin social interaction at parties.

impulse is an app that allows you to fully indulge in the real world and set free your perception. We want to take sights and seeing back into sightseeing.

how.we.help {

We completely reversed the concept of travel guides. In **impulse, the beauty finds you!


We achieve this through subtle impulses that alert you whenever there is a sight worth seeing near you. Using impulses means you can comfortably carry your phone in your pocket without the fear of missing out on anything whilst slowly indulging in ambling in the alleys of an alluring town.

.seeing sights.not screens

It is usually the free-roaming that is most exciting and memorable in any trip. impulse gives impulses to discover rather than just guidelines to follow. Be your own guide!

If you are interested, you can open up a detailed view of the sight in question. A picture will allow you to locate where it is. If there is more than one sight nearby, you can simply swipe to the one that interests you. If you still can't find it because something obstructs your view, you can view it on a map to find it.


We strongly believe that your journey is your destination. How often were you too caught up in navigating or wildly swiping through websites or markers on maps that you forgot to experience the ambience of the city? impulse allows you to see the beauty around you the way you choose.

You can simply roam freely or let your interest be caught by some of the markers displayed near your location.


Following routes on traditional travel guides is in itself dull and un-engaging. impulse will let you be inspired and let you inspire.

If roaming freely bored you, you got too lost, or you wanted to challange yourself, quests are for you. You can follow or create quests and share them on social platforms, challange your friends to follow certain routes and perhaps fulfill certain tasks. As simple as a collegiate Oxford pub crawl or as complex as navigating through the coral reef islands of the Red Sea - it's up to you.


impulse completely reverses the concept of travel guides. In **impulse, the beauty finds you!

impulse will let the sights find you. Because the interaction with the application is purposefully held to a minimum, you can truly enjoy the real world's ambience. See sights - not screens!

impulse achieves that by notifying you whenever there is something interesting around you, rather then make you go there. impulse also has a social dimension, which lets you share, collaborate and challange your friends and other users.

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