I relate to the vision of RMRK and what it will bring to the NFT space. There is so much more to this project than just simple JPEGs which is what other people tend to think. I think we can make a concerted effort to educate others on RMRK and what will drive adoption!

What it does

Think if intuitive strategies to grow the community and offer an opportunity for everyone to contribute!

How we built it

Marketing strategies.

Twitter Fan Clubs Youtube AMAs, interviews etc. Giveaways

Challenges we ran into

We all believe in this but we need to tell others about it! We are competing for people's attention all the time and I'm sure we capture it with RMRK!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Improving RMRK marketing and Education

Built With

  • media
  • social
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