Since there are still credit card fraud out there even though we've improved credit cards with chips.

What it does

We make an extra connection between banks and customers to ensure every transaction is made by the card holder.

How we built it

We use Android-Studio to make an emulator to simulate when the customer swipes the card, the bank makes a connection with the card holder to have extra security

Challenges we ran into

To think of an idea that connect the bank and the card holder and make sure the process is easy and quick, and no more extra expenses for this method

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We make it simple, easy and quick but extremely secured; even though the card holder loses the card without noticing it or the card has been copied, nobody can use it

What we learned

We learned how credit card system is working and we also found the weakest part of it and figured out a solution

What's next for Improving Credit/Debit Card security

Since there's no extra devices or any other expense, the banks just need to upgrade the credit card machines to have an extra security step and have consumers set it up.

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