We hear the phrase "flatten the curve" a lot, but what does that really mean? The goal of this project is to educate others on the "curve" in question using a mathematical model commonly used in epidemiology. A clear understanding and visualization of the issue will help individuals understand why they should take the protective measures (e.g. self isolating).

What it does

It keeps the public informed on key points to stay safe during this tough time:

  • the application is decentralized (does not require third party sign in) making it secure and protective of your privacy
  • demonstrates the curve that the media is talking about and the reasoning for flattening it
  • encourages key preventative methods anyone can take to slow the spread of the virus
  • is a fun little activity for those who are quarantined at home


I created the application using Blockstack, a decentralized computer network. Users must create a Blockstack ID to log in. Node.js, Javascript, and the React framework was used to support the back-end while the front-end was created with HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

When I started this project, I had no idea what decentralized applications were. I had to spend a significant amount of time digging through tutorials on the many aspects of my app, on both the front-end and back-end. The biggest challenge was learning everything from scratch and interpreting all the code behind large scale web applications. Online tutorials and Hack Quarantine workshops helped me understand the connection of how React works together with Javascript, HTML, and CSS simplify web development.

What I learned

I did majority of my research through Hack Quarantine workshops and Blockstack tutorials. Through this, I was able to understand the concept of decentralized applications and its importance in securing personal data. I also learnt how to use Node.js and React, and was able to further develop my skills in Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

What's next?

The site could include an interactive graph that users can play around with and create their own models. There are also many other insightful videos on mathematical interpretations of the Covid-19 virus that could be explored as well.

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