Last year, one of the hacks that got an award was a 3-D model of the SoHacks logo. That is a hack that helped the team here and I hope that this one might also. As I was signing up, I was looking for some items on the website that weren't there. This is the problem that I am trying to solve.

What it does

This hack includes parts of the previous website that I thought did their job, but also includes other features, such as more information and a better layout. More information includes SoHacks team info, and a tentative schedule.

How I built it

At first, I wanted a HTML and CSS website builder, but I wouldn't have been able to turn the hack in to be presented. I went to Codecademy to brush up on my Javascript, HTML, and CSS skills. After I couldn't find a HTML IDE, I started looking for a general website builder that looked good, but could also implement some of the newer features. The one that I chose was IMCreator.

Challenges I ran into

As I mentioned, I couldn't find a good website builder, which took a couple of hours. I started to build a website, but when I moved working spots, the website didn't save. I then had to start over, getting all of the text and graphics back on. In addition, by email wouldn't work so that I couldn't coordinate all of the sites that I needed to work on this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to find a website builder, build a website that both looks similar to the current version and has the new features. I was also able to stay on task all of the time, excluding breaks.

What I learned

I learned more about HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I learned about Android Studio, Netlify, Visual Studio Code, IMCreator, and I reinforced the idea that persistence pays off.

What's next for Improved Web

Some future improvements include: a map, showing the location of the current Hackathon, a walk-around map system (similar to Google Maps Street View) to show off the area (if the hackathon stays at one location), and a system to show were secluded workstations are and if they are occupied. All of these are helpful tools that would improve the efficiency and quality of the hacking.

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