We all have ideas about what we believe to be problems and ways we think we should solve those problems. We discuss these at various events, with our family and friends, on social media and more. Keeping track of all of the ideas is difficult and often good ideas go unheard or forgotten.

What it does

Improve.World wants to

  • track, organize, and evaluate these problems and solutions in a central place so that people can build on one another's ideas and find new solutions to important problems around the world and in our own lives.
  • Ideate, Develop, Implement, Evaluate, and Share Projects Implementing those Solutions
  • Develop Sets of Resources and Actionable Steps to Support those Planning and Running Projects Implementing those Solutions

How we built it

Ionic + Firebase

Challenges we ran into

Personal Time Interruptions

What's next for Improve.World

Complete the MVP

Built With

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