To improve customer experience by minimizing the REJECTION rate occur due to poor quality of the scanned documents (images).

Problem statement

There are around 45 Free Zones across the UAE which does company formation and setup. In all the cases, companies are required to provide basic documentation such as passport size photograph, passport copies and other documents. Most of the time the cases gets rejected due to poor quality (pixels & dpi value) of the scanned documents (images).


Created a BOT (reusable component which can be used across all the 45 Free Zones) using UiPath to do the quality check of the scanned documents (images) e.g. passport copy & passport size photo, by validating the pixels & dpi value against a threshold limit and enhance/improve the image quality by modifying its properties.

How I built it

It is built using Robotic Enterprise Framework (ReFramework). It can be easily integrated with non-ReFramework projects as well.

I have used an open source application called as Paint.net to change the pixels and dpi value of the scanned documents/image.

Scanned documents are stored and processed locally, we do not need to send/upload the documents to any external software/service.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a right solution to validate and enhance the pixels & dpi value of the documents without sharing/uploading the documents to any 3rd party service. Hence, maintaining the data privacy.

What are the value additions?

  1. Made use of open source software (Paint.net to validate & update the pixels & dpi of scanned documents
  2. No such solution available in the market using any Robotic Process Automation Tool
  3. Documents are stored in local machine to maintain confidentiality
  4. It can be easily integrated with any project
  5. IT and Business compliant
  6. Data privacy and security
  7. Faster execution

How to use it?

  1. Install Paint.net.4.1.6 (https://www.getpaint.net/download.html)
  2. Install UiPath Studio or Robot
  3. Download the code repository from github (https://github.com/imranloon123/ImproveScannedDocumentsQuality.git)
  4. Copy the scanned documents (image format only) in Data/Input folder of the repository
  5. Run Main.xaml

Built With

  • bot
  • image
  • reframework
  • robot
  • robotic-process-automation
  • roboticenterpriseframework
  • roboticprocessautomation
  • rpa
  • software
  • uipath
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