Our idea came from wanting to combine fitness with video games. Simply making a video game where a character works out didn't seem intimate enough, so we decided to make a character that represents your progress. This way, users can see their efforts manifested as something they can see and want to nurture. Improve-Pets, sounded almost like "Improve-ment" when read fast enough and became the project name. Since the game was about fitness, we decided to make it an Android App so users can check on their pets and be reminded of their goals wherever they go.

What it does

The app takes note of when the user runs and levels-up the pet accordingly.

How we built it

We sat in on the Android development workshop held on the second day of the Hackathon to learn the basics of Android Studio. First, we all made a GitHub repository to keep track of our code. Then,we agreed to make our pet a slime and created a few assets depicting it. Afterward, we modified the number randomizer program demonstrated in the workshop to display the image of our pet, created the basis of our timer and two status buttons that would influence the level of our pet.

Challenges we ran into

We were all unfamiliar with both Kotlin and the Android Studio framework, which limited the scope of our progress as time went on. Initially, the pet was supposed to have multiple stats that reflected different tasks the users would do like walking, drinking water and eating healthy meals. However, we were not experienced enough to create the complex systems needed to verify these things through databases and location tracking. We decided to scale back to a timer, but that also proved to be difficult to work on as events and family obligations in real life made work very disjointed. In the end, we demonstrated the pet leveling up and detecting different movement statuses through button presses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Trying a new framework and language to create a phone application. -Quickly coming up with a unique idea for an app that people could use to improve themselves.

What we learned

-How to work with GitHub inside of IDEs -The basics of UI design and app programming

What's next for Improve-Pets

-Possibly learn more about Android Studio to complete it, or migrate the project to a similar IDE and language.

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