In the Summer of 2019, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the Spring of 2021, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. We are both alive and well now, but we both asked ourselves similar questions: "Why did it have to happen to me?" Cancer is more common than we realize. We all have fears about being out when there is lightning or swimming in shark-infested waters, but are we really informed enough on cancer? I do not believe so. I was incredibly lucky because I was informed and I was able to catch it early. If I had not noticed or not known how to notice, then I could have been in a much worse state. It is important for people to be informed on cancer because it is much more likely to happen than we realize.

What it does

The project is a simple Adobe XD project. One page contains typical things people fear and other events that have an unlikely chance of occurring. This is to show the difference in probability between being struck by lightning or getting in a plane crash to getting two types of cancer. This project is solely informational. The final page links to WebMD resources for both testicular and breast cancer.


One of the major challenges was getting links working with buttons. This feature is not native to Adobe XD so I had to install Anima and use that alongside it.

What was Learned

I have never used Anima before and have limited experience with Adobe XD, so this was a good learning experience.

What's next for Improbable, not Impossible

I want to build an actual website off of Improbable, not Impossible. I would like to change the images to a standardized set of images that are not just clipart. I would also like to add animations between each new probability. For example, as the screen scrolls down images and text slide in.

Built With

  • adobexd
  • anima
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