Challenge 6: X3D Technical Innovation

What it is

We decided to try our best in web based 3d rendering. Our idea was to embed volumetric videos in static 3d models. We've created a vertex shader to do that. Our project was created in open framework x3dom that supports web and VR 3d rendering pipeline.

How we built it

All assets were created during the Hackathon. We used scanner with Holoflix app to create videos with depth information. After recording we processed them with python and ffmpeg. For photogrammetry models we've used Agisoft PhotoScan. We combine those two using JavaScript X3D+WebGL libraries such as

What we learned

  1. How to embed 3d models in a website.
  2. How to use python and ffmpeg
  3. How to write custom shaders in x3dom.

Built With

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