Hopefully this Impresses you.

A project based around interest profiling. This project was inspired by going on plenty of out of town business trips or excursions and having difficulty finding the culture or events that interested us. When visiting a new location it was always hard to find the best rock scene, or maybe even the best board gaming group. So we are targeting users who have difficulty in discovering the interest groups. Alongside that you have the issues of transportation, sometimes you can't easily get there. We have added in Uber support so that you can not only order from our site, but also get prices. Making it that much easier to simply picking up our application and going somewhere new. Our features that we are proud of are, * Dynamic Welcome Page* Interest Profiles * Uber Transportation Support * Eventful Event Gathering. We hope to target anyone and everyone who visits new locations or even stays at home so that we can bring people to what they love.

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