Whenever I have been to crowded cities or to my native country, India, I have seen a lot of people living in horrible conditions. It breaks my heart to see them in that state. This site is a way to counteract the fate of those impoverished families' lives.

What it does

It is a site of the organization, Impoverish Poverty. This means that it has all the knowledge and facts to inform users about the issue of poverty and how the site is a step towards resolving the issue.

How we built it

Using VS Code editor utilizing HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, JQuery, and Green Sock.

Challenges we ran into

Time is always a challenge in the hackathons. It was a rush to the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of finishing the hackathon!!!

What we learned

I learned new styles that work for different types of project. And every hackathon improves my time management as well.

What's next for Impoverish Poverty

Possible Launch and the rest will be history.

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