None of us have ever been to a hackathon before. We all individually heard about SM Hacks and decided to attend to try something new. We met each other at SM Hacks and decided to come together to build something. We decided to create a website because websites are one of the most influential contributions to society from the world of computer technology.

What it does

Our website is essentially a quiz filled with comic relief. Impossible Test contains 11 questions. The website tracks how many brain teasers are answered correctly and responds by telling the user whether they answered correctly. Impossible Test keeps track of answers to deliver a final total score of the user's performance on the test. We also included several sarcastic images and text to convey an air of overconfidence and ambition to lighten up the mood.

How we built it

Working with new made coding veteran friends and mentors, we taught ourselves html, css, javascript, and jquery. We collaborated on the code by using the website and used their built-in software to host the website.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled to grasp programming concepts, but we persevered. We also were strangely accusing of phishing by, so we added some hilariously sarcastic code to pretend like Impossible Test was a phishing scam, adding things like pretend malicious malware prompts and asking for credit card numbers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had little to no experience coding yet we managed to build a website capable of actual interaction in our 24 hours at SM Hacks. Our website may not be the most powerful or complex, but the important thing is that we had fun and we realized just how fundamental programming is and will continue to be to our increasingly digital society.

What we learned

Coding isn't that hard, and anyone can do it. Programmers can change the world.

What's next for Impossible Test

We have all planned on coming to more hackathons to build something even better. We don't know what it is yet, but we know that we will have fun doing it.

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