COVID lockdown restrictions shouldn't have to isolate us and force us put our dreams on hold. Everyone has a subconscious bucket list, but it is hard to be motivated to complete tasks your brain has deemed "impossible". We aim to inspire, motivate and connect people to tackle our impossible lists together.

What it does

Our website acts as a social media platform that keeps track of users' 'impossible lists' and helps people with similar goals find each other.

How we built it

Our website was written exclusively in HTML and CSS, but we have plans to incorporate JavaScript to make it more dynamic and interactive.

Challenges we ran into

CSS can be a bit of a mess when you're a beginner, but stackOverflow was helpful

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For beginners every little thing we get right is an accomplishment. We are very proud of the structure of our website and the learning curve we have overcome to make it functional. Although, our biggest accomplishment is our seamless transition from individual to team hacker regardless of physical distance.

What we learned

A lot of git commands/ css flexbox and css grid

What's next for Impossibilities List

Currently, our website is a shell for what we truly wish to achieve. We plan to incorporate many more features such as community goals and a matchmaker function on our website as well as making it more interactive. We also plan to develop a complementary app for ease of access and to help people keep tract of their 'impossibles'.

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