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Athena hackathon project, University of Sheffield Team

The 3 R's we all know are - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But really reducing is the preventive method for this issue. We created an app, to help convey legally required information for zero waste shops.

Why aren’t they more popular? We identified 2 main issues:

  1. There are legal issues with selling food without packaging. The UK Government requires nutritional information, complete ingredients list, GM status/warning, country of origin, etc…
  2. People LIKE packaging because it gives them the information they need. Where do I store this? Is it vegetarian / gluten-free?

We will reward people and provide that information using an app. This app is a service for zero waste shops.

So we used the Flutter platform, because it’s fast to deploy and allows you to apply your changes in real time. With Flutter, you code in DART. Don’t know what DART is? Well, neither did we, yesterday. It was a challenge for all of us because we all had to learn. It’s an object-oriented programming language much like Java with some syntactical differences, so we were able to leverage the skills we already had.

We will expand in the future using a reward system, community involvement and later expand to other stores. We researched that Morrisons has a zero waste part, Lush has zero waste stores with product recognition. We would want to offer them our system.

For the rewards system, we did research on the average packaging of different items, and we used this site to estimate for our demo products - .

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