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After talking with the judges at the beginning of the hackathon, I was inspired to take a step back and try to figure out what would have the most impact in enhancing Actus and Marlowe. I think Marlowe is a brilliant idea - that nobody knows about.

So I changed my approach, and my project is now a video presentation to introduce Marlowe and Actus, designed for the public at large. Why a presentation? Well, before I get disqualified, please hear me out and think outside of the box for a moment.

The challenge is to Enhance Actus in Marlowe, and the door was left open for any other way than the examples given. If I do one Actus contract, as I had planned, just one thing gets done. But if I can get 10 or 100 people interested in Marlowe and doing Actus contracts, that's the impact I want to see. All the videos about Actus and Marlowe are geared toward programmers, or people already in the Cardano space. What we really need is to get potential users involved and learning about the technology. Marlowe is for the people, not the geeks.

So I think the biggest impact in Enhancing Actus in Marlowe is to come down to earth and get the flock fired up, as well as the choir. Get people to try the Marlowe Playgound. Let professionals see how Actus has codified contracts, and learn how to create them in Marlowe. The Marlowe team has done an amazing job, and we need to give them the support they deserve.

So this presentation is dedicated to you, the judges and influencers in Wyoming who are making the future happen.

My hope is that this presentation will be shared by you and everyone else that watches it. Whenever you have someone that asks you why you are doing this crypto thing, here is a basic high level introduction of smart contracts for them, no previous knowledge required.

I welcome feedback on how this presentation can be improved and made more accessible, so you have one more tool at your disposal. The more we spread the word, the sooner the future will arrive. And that's what we all want, isn't it?

The link to the video is: https://youtu.be/4popXDg-mxY

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