Developing an educated mindset. To implement blockchain usage in Public higher education commission (HEC) degree attestation and verification process. This would facilitate students, faculty, HEC, NTS, Job market, Election candidates and Govt. of Pakistan. A decentralized blockchain would be established so that awarded degrees would be attested by HEC so no fake degree would live. Students degrees would be attested by HEC at a low fee. University representative may request on behalf of student. Applicants seeking job opportunities would reference their degree block from blockchain in their CV and NTS(National Testing Service) Candidates would verify student degree also.

We would develop the solution using Start of Art blockchain technologies Web bases, mobile UI, smart contracts, etheeum,javascript, python etc. We may face Govt. laws and regulations and transaction fee charged by various parties. We need to make security of data would be managed. Building a cost effective Blockchain usage would facilitate ecosystem to be improved. We hold BS and MS degrees and 10 years industry experience with Trainings and certifications. It would bring technological culture with trust,speed and reliability. All the best Next We would incorporate more blockchain use cases for education industry

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