FaceFlix is a web application that uses face recognition to provide music and movie recommendation based on the emotion expressed by the user

User can change their facial expressions and change their movie suggestions

We trained the AI to recognize the following emotions: neutral, anger, disgust, happy, surprised and sadness

Installation Requirements

1- Install PIP apt-get install python3-pip

2- Install Python 2 apt-get install python2

3- Install OpenCV with pip install opencv-python==2.4.9 if this does not work install it manually from opencv.2.4.9

4- Install BeautifulSoup pip install bs4

5- Install HTTP pip install HTTP

6- Install requests pip install requests


1- go to http://www.consortium.ri.cmu.edu/data/ck/CK+/

2- get the username and password by registering on their website.

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