We all know the benefits of investing in the stock market and its necessity for modern long term financial well being. However, we also understand that the stock market is an entirely new experience for most people and that risking your own money may seem… risky. We wanted to create a webapp that would help complete beginners to the stock market familiarize themselves with the basics and even make a few dollars too.

What it does

Our web application gives newcomers an introduction to the world of stocks and allows them to become critical evaluators of stocks. We implemented an easy to use stock grading system that gives a point value on whether or not it would be best to buy or sell a stock at a given time. This feature includes the ability to search for any stock and receive data on it in real time. Additionally, we have an FAQ section with questions and embedded video tutorials to give users a streamlined way of learning more about stocks. Lastly, our app allows users to communicate with analysts about stocks and allows them to sign up for our website and be a member.

How we built it

Our webapp is composed of a front end part with a custom local server set up and a backend made of python. With the server, we implemented a login system and updated the website with live stock data from the Alpha Vantage api.

Challenges we ran into

During our 24 hour coding experience we ran into many problems. In the beginning, when we were first creating the custom python web server, we ran into challenges regarding set-up and response to client-side requests. Additionally, we ran into trouble when integrating the python stock search program to the other computer with the server setup.

Accomplishments we’re proud of

We were proud of creating a custom python web server from scratch and using an api to receive real time stock data.

What we learned

We learned more about the interactions between client side and server side applications as well as how to set up a server. We also learned a lot more about the stock market throughout our project.

What’s next for $imple$tocks

We created a conversational UI for Simple Stocks that could answer some basic questions and fetch stock data from applications such as facebook messenger, but we were unable to fully implement it into our final product. Additionally, we would like to be able to graph the stock data so that visual learners could better understand how to invest their money. In the future we would like to incorporate an api that would allow users to be able to invest their own money and see their earnings.

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