Organise vaccinations against influenza and whooping cough

Impfungen gegen Grippe und Keuchhusten organisieren

#WIRVSVIRUS Corona-Crisis Hackathon - Organized by the German government

Table of Contents

  • Problem Statement
  • Solution
  • General analysis of the problem
  • Contact
  • Project Setup
  • Contributor

Problem Statement

What exact problem are we trying to solve?

The World Health Organization and the Robert Koch Institute recommend vaccinations against influenza and pertussis (influenza and pneumococcus) to risk groups. The problem is to organise these (with the aim of having as few people as possible in contact with them). In particular, it seems inefficient if each individual person at risk visits a doctor, gets informed about the vaccination, orders vaccine and comes back for vaccination later.


How are we trying to solve this problem?

There are different solutions that we try to solve in a web app. Ideas:

  • Appointment for vaccination online (similar to the appointment with TÜV)
  • Information page online cooperation
  • Portal for medical assistants and patients

General analysis of the problem

Problems, approaches to solutions, formulation of the challenges, stakeholder group etc.

You can find this in our Google Document.


Drop us a line or write with us. Maybe ... help us?

You can write in Slack with us, or in Discord (recommended).


Project Setup


  • Spring Boot Webservices
  • Spring Boot Webflux
  • Spring Boot MongoDB
  • React
    • reactstrap


  • Java SDK 1.8.x
  • Node.js
  • NPM
    • Maven
  1. Clone this Github repo
  2. Run the Maven project in your IDE of choice or use
maven clean install

mvnw clean install


Go into /src/frontend and type:

npm i

To start the dev server:
npm start


The devs behind the project

Special thanks to

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posted an update

You can find our final prototype on Github. It's been a pleasure getting to know all those developers in our team. In just 2 1/2 days we have kicked-off an entire backend and frontend while using some technologies (React) for the first time profesionally. Great work all involved!

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