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Marketplace: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.moresimp.impex/server/overview Also, you can try it now, using our demo JIRA: http://demo.moresimp.com/


Attending Atlassian events and participating in JIRA upgrades, introductions made us realize there is a great need for exporting and importing issues in a way that is more "business friendly".

What it does

It lets you export issues that are filtered with Issue Navigator and import them from any standard business-tool (e.g. Excel or notepad, etc..). It handles attachments, images and comments. Exports are formatted in a human-readable format that makes sense at first glance.

How we built it

It started as a simple import/export project that aimed to be better than JIRA's very own. Our goals were clear: export every single custom field that can come from JIRA or its add-ons. Since this didn't seem hard enough we also wanted to import anything and provide an intuitive way to interact with the user explaining what's wrong with certain columns.

Challenges we ran into

At first everything seemed trivial but once we finished with the basic fields (summary, create, description, etc...) things got a little bit complicated with how we can render cell content. Some fun examples would be:

  • parsing "3w 4d 5h" (estimation)
  • rendering custom fields (e.g. progress, or Service Desk SLA)
  • exporting comments to both HTML and XLSX (since they are quite different)
  • had to create a "parent issue key" column so we can create sub-tasks
  • import column order does not matter
  • intelligent error handling (especially with all columns)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Even though this piece of software is small compared to a great number of JIRA add-ons, it was planned, written and tested in record time: only 2 sprints were needed.

What we learned

Creating issues in JIRA so far has been the privilege of administrators but having an easy and safe way to import multiple issues if you only have the credentials of a "simple" user is something that a great number of people would love. Simply, we learnt to walk the roads of the internet with open ears, ready to listen to the needs of the many.

What's next for ImpEx

Our roadmap is simple which seems obvious if we consider the size of our little product. However not so trivial, considering that we wish to remain compatible with every single type of column the Issue Navigator can handle:

  • cloud version
  • editable import table
  • column-name and content-format auto-suggestions
  • import will become more of a wizard-like experience

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